The October 2019 Oklahoma County Grand Jury Petition

Remember, a Grand Jury Petition isn’t fact or proof of guilt, it is uninvestigated or under investigated allegations presented to the Grand Jury for investigation. 

People are presumed innocent till proven guilty in a court of law.  If after their investigation nine of the twelve Grand Jurors believe there is a reasonable cause for indictment they will return an indictment.  If less than nine jurors believe there is reasonable cause they return “no bill”, no indictment.

The Grand Jury will be advised by a prosecutor appointed by the Attorney Generals Office but it is up to the Grand Jury on how the investigation is conducted, what witnesses are called, and what sort of records or evidence is subpoenaed.

Click on the blue link below to open up a PDF copy of the filed Grand Jury Petition or this black link for the entry for the Grand Jury Petition GJ-2019-1 filed in Oklahoma County on October 8th 2019


There are eighteen basic allegations that the Grand Jury Petition is asking to be investigated.  The black links go to the state statute that we believe was violated:

    1. Whether or not Representative Christopher Kannady committed Sexual Battery upon Victim #1 under Title 21 Section 1123 . These allegations do constitute a crime, not a massive or infamous crime but getting away with it appears to have led to worse behavior and it helps establish a pattern.
    2. Whether or not Representative Kevin McDugle committed the felony offense of Distributing Pornography by the act of downloading and exhibiting obscene material to sexually harass and annoy Victim #1 pursuant to Title 21 Section 1021.  Keep in mind that McDugle is on record in a previous trial stating that he is a sex addict, “pure” 95% of the time.  Not sure that would be called pure….No, no one is worrying about people watching porn on the internet but the video that was forced upon the victim was so outrageous, so vile, that if it doesn’t constitute obscenity then there is no obscenity.  The video is alleged to show two females defecating on each other and ingestion is involved.  The special counsel for the House of Representatives obtained the video and several of the witnesses present at the alleged crime were forced to watch the video.  The magic of a Grand Jury is each witness doesn’t know if his fellow witness or accused has admitted to anything or broken any silence pact that might be in place.  Oklahoma has an obscenity law on the books and the Supreme Court has left it up to each community to establish exactly what obscenity is and isn’t, in other words, the Grand Jury and any jury that results after an indictment determines what is and isn’t obscenity.
    3. Whether or not Representative Christopher Kannady committed Sexual Battery upon Victim #2 under Title 21 Section 1123.  This attack is documented via Facebook messages between a small town mayor and the victim’s husband so there is no denying that the sexual battery occurred.  Both the victim and the husband receive public money, tax money, and are therefore very reluctant to make accusations but a Grand Jury removes any blow back against them.  This is a serious sexual battery, grabbing a married woman’s buttocks while making improper comments at a social event with many, many witnesses.   That would humiliate any woman to be treated that way in public much less a married woman.  And once again, the second victim establishes a pattern of allegations of sexual battery.
    4. Whether or not Representative Christopher Kannady committed the act of Mingling of Drugs in an attempt to intoxicate/incapacitate victim #3 in an effort to commit Attempted Rape upon Victim #3 under Title 21 section 832.   The third allegation has progressed to a very serious felony, “roofied”, is slang for spiking a drink with a date rape drug.
    5. Whether or not Representative Christopher Kannady committed Sexual Battery and Attempted Rape upon Victim #3 under Title 21 Section 1123 and Title 21 section 1111.   The allegations are that after the victim became suddenly woozy and ill she retreated to a women’s rest room and was followed into the area and a struggle ensued, one that the victim’s lawyer described as a violent felony.   The victim alleged that she escaped and was able to remain conscious enough to drive several miles before passing out in a parking lot.
    6. Whether or not Representative Christopher Kannady committed Sexual Battery upon other Jane Does under Title 21 Section 1123.    There are rumors of other attacks, one of which was found not credible, another which is known only by sparse details but the victim is likely to come forward if she believes justice will be served.
    7. Whether or not Senator Ron Sharp committed the felonious act of spreading False and malicious Rumors under Title 21 Section 781 . State senators have the ability to snap their fingers and get the most accurate and up to date info from state agencies, privileged information at times.  When we see a state senator take was was given to him from two state agencies and turn it around 180 degrees to attack a charter school we see that there is nothing in that that is about Free Speech or the First Amendment.  It is lying, flat out lying, in order to harm a business that holds the futures of tens of thousands of students and hundreds of families depending upon a paycheck.


    1. Whether or not Senator Ron Sharp committed Criminal Libel under Title 21 sections 771 through 778 in Chapter 27 of Title 21.        This charge competes with the #7 charge, one or the other will be used if an indictment occurs.
    2. Whether or not Senator Ron Sharp violated the Computer Crimes Act in Title 21 Section 1953.
    3. Whether or not John Does and/or Jane Does entered into a conspiracy under Title 21 Section 421  to commit criminal libel, violate the Computer Crimes Act under Title 21 Section 1953, and/or spreading False and Malicious Rumors with Senator Ron Sharp.  Conspiracy is where two or more people conspire to commit a crime and the Grand Jury will be looking into the genesis of the Epic Charter School investigation to find out why old allegations from 2013 were dredged up once again despite the State Department of Education and the State Virtual Charter School constantly monitoring the charter schools and ensuring laws were followed.   Conspiracy is an add on charge, making another criminal charge much worse.
    4. Whether or not a conspiracy under Title 21 Section 421 existed between Senator Ron Sharp and the OSBI, specifically Tommy Johnson of the OSBI and unknown/John Doe supervisors or officers, to falsely accuse Epic Charter Schools of violating state law by re investigating allegations that had been investigated and cleared years earlier.
    5. Whether or not Chelsea Church committed Bribery or Attempted Bribery in Title 21 Section 381.   Church was the Pharmacist Board Executive Director that offered a high paying job to the Health Department attorney in charge of translating SQ 788 into regulations for the medical marijuana industry.  This was part of the immense pressure put upon that attorney, Julia Ezell, and likely the reason Ezell fabricated false death threats against herself in an effort to get some of the pressure off her back.
    6. Whether or not Terry Gerard committed Bribery or Attempted Bribery under Title 21 Section 381.  Gerard was the Health Department Board member that went against Ezell’s specific warnings not to add regulations to aid the Pharmacy Board’s members.    Gerard offered a motion to force  a licensed pharmacist to be present at all dispensaries and the motion passed.  Who else was in on the deal?
    7. Whether or not Tom Bates committed Conspiracy with Chelsea Church and Terry Gerard and/or others unknown to commit Bribery or Attempted Bribery under Title 21 Section 381 and Title 21 Section 421.
    8. Whether or not Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Commissioner Terry White conspired to commit Conspiracy with Chelsea Church, Terry Gerard, and Tom Bates in the crime of Bribery or Attempted Bribery under Title 21 Section 381 and conspiracy under Title 21 Section 421. Tom Bates was Julia Ezell’s boss and the allegations is that a lot of the pressure to subvert the will of the voters on SQ 788 came from Bates or others.
    9. Whether or not Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater Refused to Perform Official Duties under Title 21 Section 345.  Why was little fish Julie Ezell prosecuted and those that offered her bribes to subvert the will of the voters on a state question not prosecuted?
    10. Whether or not Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater committed Willful Neglect of Official Duties under Title 21 Section 348.  This is another law that might fit the lack of prosecution of serious felonies, an alternative or an additional charge to Section 345.
    11. Whether or not Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater entered into a Conspiracy Against the State with others under Title 21 Section 424.   We already covered conspiracy, it jumps up the penalties of other criminal acts.  In this case it would be a conspiracy against the State of Oklahoma, a very serious charge.  Subverting the will of the voters would do serious damage to voter turnout and to the state’s reputation as a decent place to raise a family and live.



Some will complain that the House of Representatives already investigated one of the charges, Victim #1, yet none of the people that were told of the attack the night that it happened were called and the “investigation” focused upon work place issues only and only that one case.  Victim #2 wasn’t heard, nor was her husband, or the mayor of the small town that was a lifelong friend to both.   Nor was the attempted rape investigated despite the story being read by countless politicians, media representatives, and thousands of citizens across the state.   We say, give these women a chance to be heard.  Track down the witnesses and evidence and let justice be seen and done.


We do not expect everyone to agree with all of the allegations or charges, a Grand Jury can be a Christmas tree festooned with all sorts of alleged crimes.  Some are strong, some are less strong, some exist only to prove a pattern of criminal behavior and the Grand Jury will quickly dispose of them if needed.

And in the end, nine or more of the twelve Grand Jurors will ultimately decide to indict or not indict based upon the exhaustive investigation they will perform as the Grand Jury performs its work.  Signing the petition is just a vote in favor of looking into the allegations.