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Why Grand Jury Justice?

Because government is failing to do its job and corruption is out of control.

The allegations about the legislators came out in late spring and the special counsel focused strictly on work place issues, refusing to call people that the victim told about the sexual assault the night it happened.

Victim #2 was known to the special counsel, along with their contact info and proof by way of  Facebook Messenger posts proving that the sexual assault happened.

The allegations of Victim #3 were known at the time that the special counsel announced that nothing would be done due to Victim #1’s story and the accused’s stories being different.   Did she expect the attackers to admit everything on their own?

The public has been aware for years that Epic Charter Schools have been the victim of unrelenting attacks, all the same old ground plowed over and over again.   The allegations of ghost students was spread while allegations of students being kicked out of Epic after missing ten school days, which would contradict entirely.   Last year the Tulsa World spread the story that federal education department investigators were visiting Tulsa public schools and investigating Epic only to wind up being the Tulsa public schools being the target of the federal investigation.

This latest attack appears to be an effort to encourage students to avoid enrolling in the Epic schools.  All timed perfectly in late summer to poison the well for Epic ahead of the October 1st cut off date for new enrollment and reimbursement.  Other schools will not accept late enroll ed students because they won’t be paid by the state for months and not at all for the late enroll period.  However Epic will accept all students even if they have to educate them for free till the next cut off date in December.

The Health Department bribery case is disturbing.  Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater chose to prosecute a small fish that did a stupid thing to gain sympathy and hopefully deflect some of the pressure she was getting from powerful officials in the state.   Reporting false allegations ought to be dealt with but it ought to be a misdemeanor and not something that ruins a person’s life and legal career.    And ignoring the bribery involved, ignoring the conspiracy involved when the Board member pushed to force a pharmacist into the weed dispensaries after their general counsel said it was over reaching and unconstitutional?

The very act of the general counsel asking the Health Department Board to not overstep their mandate shows that the general counsel was refusing to be bribed yet the person that offered the bribe and the person that offered the motion against legal advice have not been investigated or charged after more than a year.

If we cannot trust our legal system to uphold the law then it is time the citizens started using the Grand Jury process to force the system to work.  The requirement to get 5,000 signatures is a high standard and more than enough safety from seeing frivolous charges being investigated.

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