Host the Petition at Public Location or Business

  Do you have a Business or Public Location to Host a Petition Signing Place?

If you have a safe location that voters can visit to sign one of the Grand Jury petition we would love to work with you.


  • It needs to be a public place, a business or some type of operation that  keeps regular business hours.
  •  It can be a public location like a specific location at a public park as long as regular hours were kept.  Even one hour per day or a few hours one day a week, as long as the public can depend on      finding someone there with the petition at a specific time.
  • You don’t have to be an Oklahoma County resident or a voter as long as you meet the requirements below:

Petition Circulator Requirements:

  • You must be 18 years old or older
  • You must be present when ALL signatures are signed on your copy of the  petition
  • You must verify the ID of each signer, name, mailing address or  residence address used when registering to vote
  • You must use a smart phone, tablet, or laptop to verify voter registration at the provided website
  • You must use only the legally approved Grand Jury Petition form that we provide
  • You must fill out and sign the affidavit on the back in front of a notary before submitting the petition to us
  • The notary seal must be present, the notary must sign the form, with expiration date of the notary  filled out.  Expired commission notarized forms are rejected without counting

Do not allow:

  • non Oklahoma County residents to sign
  • non registered voters to sign
  • signatures when you are not present
  • fake names to be used, no ID, no signing the petition
  • offers of payment, prizes, gratuity, or anything of value in exchange for signing the petition
  • copied Grand Jury Petition forms, use  provided official provided forms only
  • more than one signature per line
  • signatures not on the provided signature line
  • people to sign the petition more than once
  • people to use fake addresses, no ID, no sign

In Oklahoma County we are required to gather 5000 signatures from Oklahoma County registered voters in order to force the judicial system to empanel a Grand Jury to investigate the corruption and crimes listed in the Grand Jury Petition. In smaller counties it is 16% of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election, minimum number is 500 signatures, maximum required is 5,000 on the first citizen Grand Jury filed and double that on any subsequent Grand Jury filed.

The petition gets filed with the District Court and the judge has  four days to approve or reject the petition for cause and tell us what the problem is so the petition can be corrected.  Once the petition is approved we have 45 days to gather the 5000 signatures.

Once we turn in the petitions the Court Clerk copies everything, takes the originals to the local election board where each petition signature is checked against the voter rolls for name and address match.  Once done the number of valid petition signers is announced and given to the District Court judge and if sufficient a Grand Jury must be empaneled within 30 days.

 If you want to volunteer to circulate petitions  please email us at  or better, use the contact form below and we will contact you with more details.  You can provide a petition signing location or take the petition to where the people are.  If you have a business and are willing to use it as a signing location please provide the hours and days of operation.